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Perhaps you’ve wondered:

You're not alone. Many people feel the same way that you do.

But being unhappy is NOT normal. It's WEIRD and unnatural.

In fact, spiritual scientists and authorities have done the research and know for a FACT that there is a cause for all of this.

Each and every one of you has a hole in your life and your brain. You try to fill your two holes with the evils of a secular and wrong minded nature (ie. violence, christianity, video games, white foods) but these only lead to SADNESS, BAD INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS, and a MEANINLESS EXISTIANCE.

The end result?

Death, and an eternity of toil and moaning on your knees in one or more of the 8 sorrow realms (the Truth *may* be revealed to you, but for now, think the desert in Beetlejuice/Lubbock Texas and know that it’s worse)

Here’s the good new: We’ve got it all figure out. Join us, and you may yet reach secure a lot in one of the six eternal pleasure zones which will be waiting for you when you pass beyond the veil of this world.

When Adam, Eve, and Josiah (eve’s TRUE husband) betrayed the trust of Grand Smithe, the Apple God, OUR plane of existence was torn asunder in a WILD rage and split into 12 shards

Have you ever felt a little off?

That you were not quite yourself, or that something was missing? Ever experience Deja Vu? Felt sick, even though you've been eating a lot? This is because your Shine Pot is leaking and your Life Strands are stretched between the 12 human realities. The tension causes them to fray and TEAR.

It is an illusion that we live our lives entirely on this plane. There are 11 other ones which most people are blind to because they lack self-awareness and have not ATONED for the 41 transgressions which our ancestors committed against:

These four* factions are the creators of humanity, our universe, all realms and zones, and also everything else. Yet you sin against them every day.

Boy, no wonder you are miserable!!!!

It’s time to STOP!

The path is unclear to you...

POBWOB can show you the way.

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*in addition to three other secret things